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Cortec EcoSonic® ESD Anti Static Paper Powered by Nano-VpCI®

Cortec EcoSonic® ESD Anti Static Paper Powered by Nano-VpCI®

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Cortec® EcoSonic® ESD Anti Static Paper is a Static Dissipative Corrosion Inhibitor Paper that will protect sensitive electrical items that are at risk of being damaged by electrostatic discharge in the supply chain.


EcoSonic® ESD anti static paper powered by Nano-VpCI®.

This ESD paper combines the world renowned Cortec VPCI corrosion inhibitors with static dissipation/anti static properties to deliver a complete paper packaging product for your valuable products.

For those looking to prevent static build up on their products EcoSonic ESD Paper performs exceptionally when compared to legacy ESD packaging materials.

The coating on the paper is derived from a Soybean oil that consistently performs well when conducting the static half life test against traditional ESD Paper products that often use Alkyl Ammonium Chlorides, Ethoxylated Amines, Phosphated esters & non ionic based anti static coatings.

The anti static coating used is also thermally stable up to temperatures of 200ºC, (392ºF) as well as being pH stable between 2 & 11 at temperatures in excess of 38ºC (100ºF) for days at a time.

In addition EcoSonic will provide contact, barrier and vapor corrosion protection for electronics made from both ferrous and non ferrous metals.

This unique, all in one product solution means that you can simple wrap your products for transport or storage whilst resting assured they will protected from both static electricity build up and corrosion.

Despite these impressive ‘multi functional’ performance qualities EcoSonic remains fully recyclable and repulpable and is too biodegradable & non-toxic.

This construction also uses the highest quality Kraft paper that is both natural & neutral. It is not bleached or chlorinated during manufacture and does not feature any of the common contaminations found in traditional VCI Paper Packaging.

There are no calculations to make, application systems or chemical tanks. Just simply wrap your items in the paper and fold or tape the edges together. (in some instances it may be practical to use a heat sealer machine).

Features & Benefits of EcoSonic ESD anti static paper

  • Does not influence even the most sensitive of electrical items – including in the areas of conductivity and resistance.
  • One product that can be used on all metal types, both ferrous and non ferrous.
  • Temperature and pH are both independent anti stat properties.
  • Conforms to both MIL PRF 3420 G (for Vapour Inhibition) & MIL PRF 81705 D (for static decay rate and surface resistivity)
  • Combines the benefits of VPCI corrosion inhibitors with an electrostatic discharge packaging material.
  • Non-toxic. Does not contain heavy metals, nitrates, phosphates, Silicates and Chromates.
  • Functions well in aggressive atmospheric environments including those that are humid or exposed to SO2, H2S and galvanic corrosion from other metals.

Typical Uses

EcoSonic® ESD anti static paper can be used to protect any material that is at rick of being damaged by electrostatic build up and discharge. Items such as printed circuit boards, integrated circuits, PCB components, communications equipment’s, batteries, electrical cabinets & enclosures and countless other items that involve metal and electricity!


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