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Anti Static Packaging – Zip Lock TopShield®

Anti Static Packaging – Zip Lock TopShield®

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Available in small/medium/large sizes and packaged in 500/1000 unit boxes, the Anti Static Packaging – Zip Lock TopShield® are perfect when used to prevent electro static discharge build on sensitive electronic products.

These aluminium foil anti-static bags combine both the performance benefits of aluminium and polyethylene.

They are translucent allowing you to inspect the goods easily when being transported or stored, as well as coming with a printed esd warning label as standard.

Contact us for details on our Anti Static Packaging bulk discounts.

The inclusion of TopShield® anti static technology means that not only do these esd bags provide optimal electrostatic discharge protection, but also a durability that can deal with poor handling that often occurs throughout the supply chain.

This advanced is design is considered to be a ‘market leading’ product renowned for it’s high performance properties and ‘quality intensive’ manufacture.

These Anti Static Bags come complete with a Zip Lock feature in various sizes available from stock.

The Zip lock function allows for easy handling and loading making it ideal for use in environments where it might not be possible to produce heat seal bags.

How does Anti Static Packaging work?

The Faraday cage or Faraday shield is a generic reference to the effect that is created when a suitable conducting material like Polyethylene or Aluminium creates a conductive surface resistance that effectively blocks out external static build up.

As ultimately the quality of the static shielding depends greatly on the geometry of material our bags provide a ‘best in class’ product as the aluminium and polyethylene layers create optimal surface characteristics for the antistatic frequencies to function.

This Anti Static Packaging is most effective when the static shield forms on a hermetically sealed bag. Use in conjunction with one of our heat sealer machines to create the perfect seals.

Usage of Anti Static Packaging

These bags are highly suited for use in clean rooms, distribution centers, assembly lines and warehouses.

They are also a cost effective solution allowing businesses of all sizes to send sensitive electrical goods with proper anti static protection.


  • Transparent
  • No need for extra warning labels
  • Durable flexible packaging
  • Superior technology
  • Can be manufactured to order for larger quantities
  • Handling

Convenient and secure resealable zip lock bag function.

Technical data

10 Ohm Surface resistance,75µm LDPE/ALU, manufactured in conformance with EN10001-5.

Delivery Time

2 – 3 Working days

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