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Hawo HV 460/660/800/1100/1300 AP2/4-V Next Generation High Performance Impulse Vacuum Sealer Clean Room Compatible Air Purity Class 6 / ISO 14644-1

Hawo HV 460/660/800/1100/1300 AP2/4-V Next Generation High Performance Impulse Vacuum Sealer Clean Room Compatible Air Purity Class 6 / ISO 14644-1

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The Hawo Vac HV range of professional, high performance vertical vacuum packaging machine models are a market leading, ‘best in class’ vacuum sealing platform designed for the most demanding sealing work and projects.

These HV vertical vacuum packaging machine options are designed for the optimal vacuum flushing and impulse heat sealing of a variety of flexible packaging materials including Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PVC, & aluminium foil laminate bags and pouches.

These devices are nozzle style vacuum sealer machines finished in V2A grade stainless steel. They are suitable for gas purge & extraction type applications with an adjustable setting that allows each function to be used independently of each other. The sealing and cooling time can be controlled according to the type of packaging used. The vacuum and gas purge function can also be disabled, the nozzle then becomes inactive allowing you to use the machine independently as an impulse heat sealer.

The HV platform is available with a large range of optional extras as well as both standard and bespoke modifications. Available as a standalone, table top machine you can also configure the machine the optional bag support and vertical stand which can angle the machine to your preference.

Vertical vacuum packaging machine platform designed for high-volume, multi-shift operations

Each machine can be customised with a vacuum level sensor. These vacuum sealers are available in several different bar widths to cater for larger bulk bags as well as small pouches. Sizes range include 450, 630, 770, 970 & 1270 mm widths. (18, 25, 30, 38 & 50″).

Medical device pouch sealer approved to BS ISO 14644 1 clean room standards

The HV platform conforms to the requirements prescribed in the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines as well as the more recent World Federation for Hospital Sterilisation (WFHSS) guidelines. The machines feature a validatable sealing process as prescribed by BS EN ISO 11607-2 & the ISO/TS 16775 guidance.

Safety First

Validatable packaging processes are essential when ensuring the integrity of sterile packaging systems. This machine provides the necessary validation to give optimal seal quality for each seal & extraction cycle. It ensures your valuable products remain intact and reach your end users defect free.

The international packaging standard ISO 11697 2 states a packaging procedure that is both ‘validated’ & ‘reproducible’. It is essential to routinely monitor and document the process parameters used. All machines that feature a ‘V’ are approved to this standard. Other additional features ensure that the packaging process is well facilitated and contribute to greater safety.

Key features:

  • A clear and easy to read control panel with backlit display. Setting sealing and cooling times is easy with the added feature of a two step foot switch to control the vacuum extraction period.
  • Can be provides as a table top machine or mounted with stand in a vertical vacuum packaging machine configuration.
  • Autosave for parameter settings, even in the event of power failure.
  • Various process settings and cycles to choose from.
  • Automatically timed sealing controls.
  • Vacuum, fumigation and aeration can all be set too.
  • Constant sealing contact pressure.
  • Password locked data entry
  • SealCom™ communication screen (optional)
  • V2A stainless steel stand for vertical vacuum packaging machine configuration. Can be customised with fabrication partners.

Communication – SelCom™ PRO

The SealCom PRO is an optional touchscreen communication module for our ‘V’ validatable devices. Complete with a 10.4″ (264mm) colour screen it features a 1024 x 768 XGA enhanced resolution. The system allows for the backup of up to 50 function lists with process parameters and their respected modes of operation. The DataMatic™ USB stick records this automatically allowing you to migrate the data over to another device for future data storage and review.

Intelligent Scanning – ValiScan®

The latest versions of HV machines utilise Hawo GMBH IntelligentScan™ technology that can be fully implemented using a bar code scanner, making them even easier to use with a variety of packaging materials. Both the HD/HM 980 BR & HD/HM BR-USB scanners read the packaging specific information allocating this to the specific device sealing/vacuum cycle.

ValiScan™ is a HIBC barcode format ready system (Health Industry Barcode). Suitable for use as a HIBC Barcode Generator, use in conjunction with the optional label printer. When ValiScan us used programming of this device is intuitive with fast data acquisition and documentation of the sterile packaging material used in the digital patient file. Can be used as a barcode medication administration system.

Works in three easy steps:

  1. Create barcode lists in conjunction with the HS 980 BR software. You can print the list on a standard printer.
  2. Read the barcodes with the assistance of the barcode scanner. This programmes the vacuum impulse sealer automatically.
  3. Insert your chose sterile packaging and begin the vacuum sealing cycle. The device automatically prints the pre-set data onto the packaging during the sealing process.

For more information on standalone or vertical vacuum packaging machine platforms get in touch to discuss your project.


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