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Hawo HV 321 K-V MediVac Next Generation Vacuum Chamber Sealer

Hawo HV 321 K-V MediVac Next Generation Vacuum Chamber Sealer

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Hawo HV 321 K-V MediVac for the professional closing of medical devices in accordance with the EN ISO 11607-2 validatable packaging standards.

Market leading customisable platform that is highly effective wherever vacuum sealed, GMP compliant packaging is required.

The HV 321 K-V MediVac vacuum chamber sealer is a next generation, ‘best in class’ platform, perfect for the evacuation and/or gas flushing of flexible packaging.

Vacuum chamber sealer machines built in stainless steel and/or gas flushing of flexible packaging. The HV 321 K-V MediVac vacuum chamber from Hawo GMBH has been developed to cater to the exact requirements of the medical and pharmaceutical sectors (life science). Industrial, retail goods and any packaging operation that may require high performance, professional vacuum chamber machines for GMP compliant packaging validation.

Filled pouches can be placed and positioned in the chamber area, unsealed side on seal bar.

When chamber cover has been closed the packaging cycle begins automatically.

Following air extraction, sealing and any additional gas flushing that may be required the chamber opens automatically.

Finished packaging can now be removed and the cycle can be repeated.

Vacuum chamber sealer features

  • Both vacuum and gas flush times are independently adjustable.
  • Impulse sealing time and cooling temperatures can also be set independently depending on the packaging material.
  • Accurate temperature controllers ensure reliable and consistent seal quality.
  • As with our other vacuum sealers these machine platform are suitable for high volume sealing work in multi shift operations.
  • Validatable sealing process in accordance with ISO 11607-2 :2019 & CENISO/TS 16775.

Flexibility & Performance

The Hawo HV K-V MediVac vacuum chamber sealer features a list of enhanced features that make air-extraction, sealing and gas-flushing as safe and easy a process as possible. A sealing width of 8mm (0.3 inch) combined with individual options and settings of the critical process parameters allow for maximum flexibility when it comes to packaging materials such as:

  • EN ISO 11607-2 Validation. The EN ISO 11607-2:2019 latest requires the packaging processes used on medical devices to be validatable when sealed. Put simply the variables when it comes to sealing must be closely monitored by the machine. During the validation of the sealing process the most suitable sealing variables are decided depending on the packaging materials being worked with. Whatever the settings for the sealing process they must result in optimal seal quality every time within the settings. Professional vacuum sealing equipment is essential for the proper closure and sealing of medical devices under these conditions.

AppCtrl™ Touchscreen

The communications module on this vacuum chamber sealer machine features a 4.3″ TFT colour touchscreen with input procedures developed specifically by Hawo engineers for simple and easy machine operation.

The functions are intuitive and easy to understand. These include:

  • Process parameters on display.
  • DataMatic: For operators to record process variables via machine memory or USB stick for external data transfer.
  • Can create and backup up to 50 functions listed with process parameter and modes of operation.
  • Statistics for users.
  • Password protection on input.

In addition Hawo IntelligentScan™ function allows for even easier operation as individual specifications for vacuum sealing can be programmed quickly and easily via the barcode scanner and accompanying barcode lists for varying packaging materials.

DocLink™ – Communication

The critical process parameters are monitored and clearly displayed on the ultra high definition touchscreen. The machine records and documents the parameter data which can be processed further using the supporting interfaces.


By using DataMatic all the process data can be saved to a USB stick and transferred for external processing.


Product Specifications (.PDF)

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