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Large Size Cortec VpCI® 126 Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitor VpCI® Zip Lock Bags

Large Size Cortec VpCI® 126 Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitor VpCI® Zip Lock Bags

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Stop Rust in its Tracks: Large VpCI® Zip Lock Bags for Superior Metal Protection

Do you deal with large metal parts susceptible to rust, corrosion, or other environmental damage during storage or transportation?

Valdamark has the answer: Cortec VpCI® 126 Large Zip Lock Bags.

These robust bags offer an extra-large capacity, perfect for safeguarding even your most oversized metal components. Simply place your parts inside the bag, zip it shut, and enjoy long-lasting protection against:

  • Rust
  • Marine air
  • Oxidation
  • White rust

Cortec VPCI® 126 technology provides exceptional defence for up to 5 years. A unique vapor phase corrosion inhibitor evaporates within the sealed bag, forming a protective layer on all metal surfaces, even those hard to reach.

Large VpCI® Zip Lock Bags – Convenience Meets Performance

  • Effortless Storage and Protection: The large size accommodates a wide range of metal parts, simplifying organisation and safeguarding your inventory.
  • Transparent Design: Easily identify and locate your contents without needing to open the bag.
  • Resealable Zip Lock Closure: Offers quick and secure access to your parts whenever needed.
  • Heat Sealable: For additional security, use these bags with compatible heat sealers (like Valdamark's ISZ impulse heat sealers) to create an impenetrable barrier.

More Than Just Large Bags: The VpCI® Advantage

  • Eliminates Messy Alternatives: Say goodbye to greasy oils and desiccants. VpCI® technology provides clean and efficient corrosion protection.
  • Sustainable Choice: Made with a minimum of 20% recycled content and fully recyclable itself, these bags minimise environmental impact.Safe to Handle: Non-toxic and free of harmful chemicals, VpCI® ensures the safety of your workers and the environment.

Valdamark – Your Partner in Corrosion Prevention

Valdamark offers a comprehensive selection of Cortec VPCI® 126 solutions beyond Large Zip Lock Bags, including gusseted bags, films, tubing, and emitters. We can also provide compatible heat sealers to ensure optimal closure for your chosen packaging.

Contact Valdamark today to discuss your large metal protection needs and discover how VpCI® Zip Lock Bags can keep your parts rust-free and ready for action.

We also stock a variety of VpCI 126 blue zip lock bags in various sizes including small & medium

Small Size (please select)

Medium Size (please select)

Large Size

  • Zip-lock bag 18″ x 24″ (250 bags per box) (450mm x 600mm).
  • Zip-lock bag 24″ x 30″ (125 bags per box) (600mm x 750mm).

Packaging & Storage

To ensure optimal product performance store VpCI 126 blue in its original packaging format, indoors and out of direct contact with sunlight. Between 40-100 °F (4 to 38 °C). VPCI 126 Blue has a shelf life of 2 years. FDA approved. These products are all heat sealable. For optimal seal quality used in conjunction with one of our heat sealers.

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