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Cortec VpCI® 325 for general-purpose corrosion protection

Cortec VpCI® 325 for general-purpose corrosion protection

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VpCI® 325 is a versatile liquid solution designed for general-purpose corrosion protection across various applications.

It combines vegetable oil and solvents to offer effective safeguarding for flanges, sheet metals, machined parts, wires, firearms, pipes, and various other products. Even in challenging conditions like high humidity and exposure to corrosive elements such as chlorides and sulfur compounds, VpCI® 325 excels in preventing corrosion while serving as an efficient lubricant.

Derived from vegetable sources, VpCI® 325 features a biodegradable oil base. Upon application, it forms a protective film on metal surfaces, providing dual-layered defence. Firstly, its oil-soluble corrosion inhibitors create a resilient film that adheres tightly to metal surfaces. Secondly, it ensures thorough water displacement from the metal surface, effectively halting the onset of corrosion.

Features of VpCI® 325 Corrosion Protection liquid

  • Offers comprehensive corrosion protection for a wide range of metals including ferrous metals, aluminium, galvanised steel, copper, zinc, silver, brass, babbitt, and cadmium.
  • Effectively loosens frozen and rusted metal parts, facilitating easy removal.

Typical Applications

VpCI® 325 is applied for in many things such as:

  • Temporary storage - apply a light coating before or after metalworking on flat metal surfaces.
  • Maintenance.
  • Lubrication.
  • Treatment for small or intricate metal parts - spray or dip application.
  • General surface protection using brushing, spraying, or dipping onto surfaces for up to 24 months of protection.
  • Eliminating squeaky items during home repairs.
  • Preserving shotguns, handguns and rifles.

Packaging & Storage

Available packages of VpCI® 325 are Eco Spray® bottles, pails, liquid totes, metal drums and bulk containers. The EcoSpray is in 16 fl. oz. (or 473 ml) while the pail container comes in 5 gallons (or 19 liters). The largest is 55 gallons (or 208 liter). You can store the product sealed in its packaging for up to 24 months. Agitate the VpCI every time you use it.

Protection Properties

VpCI® 325 eliminates water with the same effectiveness as a top lubricating rust preventative (R.P.) oil while providing much better corrosion prevention., 

Time Before Corrosion
Salt Spray (Days) ASTM B-117
Humidity Test (Days) ASTM D-1748

Carbon Steel
Cast Iron
VpCI 325
 R.P. Oil

Standard Test Methods

ASTM D-1735

Water Fog Cabinet

ASTM D-1748

Humidity Cabinet


Lubricant, Cleaner, and Preservative for Weapons and Weapon Systems


Water Displacement

NACE RP0487-2000

Selection of Rust Preventives



Product Specifications (.PDF)

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