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Cortec BioCorr® Metal Rust Preventative 5 Gallon (19 Ltr) Drum Pails

Cortec BioCorr® Metal Rust Preventative 5 Gallon (19 Ltr) Drum Pails

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Cortec BioCorr® Rust Preventative is a best in class anti rust coating that is high  performance whilst being a water based, 100% biodegradable formula.

Available in convenient 12 oz. (340 g) EcoAir® compressed aerosol cans as well as larger 5 gallon (19 litre) & 55 gallon (208 litre) drums for bulk applications.


Cortec BioCorr anti rust coating shields metals from corrosion during periods of storage and transportation. It boasts a versatile, multi-metal protective capability. This revolutionary formula stands as a sustainable alternative to traditional products originating from petroleum, championing ecological responsibility without compromising performance.

Experience the convenience of a ready-to-use formulation that extends protection for up to two years in indoor storage scenarios. Additionally, when combined with VpCI packaging materials, it serves as an impeccable corrosion safeguard during shipping operations. A key differentiator is that, unlike conventional rust-preventing oils, BioCorr® Rust Preventative creates a discreet dry film-like coating on metal surfaces, ensuring a pristine work environment and minimising material wastage.

BioCorr® Rust Preventative's biodegradability obliterates the need for such expenses. This aspect further underscores its commitment to both efficiency and sustainability.

Rust Preventative' Features

  • Delivers superior corrosion protection for multiple metal types.
  • Blends film-forming agents with corrosion inhibitors in vapor phase version for enhanced effectiveness.
  • Exhibits eco-friendliness and is easily biodegradable.
  • Serves as a safe alternative to risky flammable oils and solvents.
  • Devoid of chlorinated compounds, nitrites, or chromates.
  • Arrives in a handy state.
  • Enriched with biostatic material.
  • Crafted using renewable and organic materials, boasting a substantial 64% biobased composition.
  • Holds USDA certification as a Biobased product.


BioCorr® HP - Description

Discover the next evolution of rust protection with BioCorr® HP, the latest innovation from Cortec. Building on the success of BioCorr®, this advanced water-based solution is specially crafted to safeguard metals during storage and transportation. Boasting superior emulsion stability and free from any additives that might disrupt automatic transmission fluids, BioCorr®  HP offers comprehensive multi-metal protection. What sets it apart is its commitment to environmental responsibility, presenting a greener alternative to petroleum-derived counterparts thanks to its bio-based composition.

This formulation stands can last for two years in indoor storage or while in transit, especially when utilised alongside VpCI® packaging materials. Unlike traditional rust-preventing oils, BioCorr®  HP leaves behind a dry, inconspicuous layer on metal surfaces. This not only contributes to a tidy workspace but also curbs unnecessary material wastage. The product incorporates an innovative UV marker technology, simplifying metal surface identification.



BioCorr® ® HP boasts the following features for your convenience:

  • Supplied in a ready-to-use state
  • Free from any chemicals that might disrupt automatic transmission fluids
  • Substitutes risky mineral oils and easily ignitable solvents
  • Devoid of chlorinated compounds, chromates, or nitrites
  • Crafted utilizing renewable and bio materials
  • Comprises an impressive 54% of USDA-certified biobased content
  • Enhanced with UV-marker technology
  • Exhibits remarkable shelf-life and emulsion stability.


BioCorr® ATF Rust Preventative - Description

Introducing BioCorr® ® ATF Rust Preventative – a cutting-edge solution for safeguarding transmissions and their components during storage and transportation. This innovative oil-in-water emulsion rust preventative offers comprehensive protection across various metals while aligning with eco-friendly principles as a preferable alternative from crude oil counterparts.

Engineered for ease of use, BioCorr® ATF rust deterrent is a hassle-free formulation that ensures two years of indoor storage protection, or secure transportation when used in conjunction with VpCI® packaging materials. Unlike traditional protective oils against rust, this product leaves and creates an almost invisible dry coating on metal surfaces, virtually imperceptible yet exceptionally effective. By doing so, it curbs material wastage.

Remarkably, BioCorr® ATF is devoid of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), thereby eliminating the need for costly disposal processes associated with conventional oils. Embrace the future of rust prevention with BioCorr® ® ATF – where performance, sustainability, and efficiency converge.


Highlighting a blend of cutting-edge features, this rust preventative redefines metal protection:

  • Unparalleled Multi-Metal Corrosion Defense: Experience superior corrosion protection across a variety of metals.
  • Synergistic Formula: This product combines dry-coating additives with advanced VpCIs, ensuring comprehensive metal preservation.
  • Water and Oil Repulsion: Effortlessly displaces water from metal surfaces, bolstering its protective prowess.
  • Invisible Dry Film: Creates an imperceptible dry-to-touch film, ensuring seamless protection without altering the surface's appearance.
  • Environmentally Conscious: Committed to eco-responsibility, BioCorr® ATF is composed of over 64% biodegradable components.
  • Hazardous Materials Replacement: Eliminates the need for unsafe and flammable solvents, enhancing workplace safety.
  • VOC-Free: Exemplifying a commitment to air quality, this product is free from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
  • Chlorine, Chromate, and Nitrite-Free: Rest easy knowing that this rust preventative contains none of these harmful compounds.
  • Convenient to apply, streamlining application for immediate protection.
  • Formulated with renewable resources, BioCorr® ® ATF reflects a dedication to sustainability.
  • Mineral Oil-Free Formula: A distinctive feature, as this product is entirely free from mineral oil, setting a new standard in rust prevention.


  • Superior Multi-Metal Corrosion Protection: BioCorr® Rust Preventatives provide an unparalleled level of corrosion protection for a wide range of metals. Say goodbye to the worries of rust and corrosion as these solutions act as a steadfast shield against the elements.
  • Efficient Water and Oil Displacement: The advanced formulation of BioCorr® Rust Preventatives ensures efficient displacement of water and oil from metal surfaces. This attribute not only prevents moisture-related damage but also enhances the longevity of your metal components.
  • Invisible Dry-to-Touch Film: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with an invisible, dry-to-touch film that BioCorr® Rust Preventatives leave behind. This innovative film not only ensures thorough coverage but also offers a discreet, protective layer that doesn't interfere with your metal's aesthetic.
  • Enhanced Work Environment: BioCorr® Rust Preventatives contribute to a better work environment by eliminating unwanted odors. This feature creates a more pleasant atmosphere for your workforce while maintaining the highest standards of metal protection.
  • Process Streamlining: One of the standout advantages of BioCorr® Rust Preventatives is their unique property of not requiring removal in most cases. This streamlines your operational processes, saving you valuable time and effort that can be better utilised elsewhere.

How to Use

BioCorr® HP can be effortlessly applied through dipping or spraying since it's a ready-to-use product. It's recommended to agitate the product before each application. For added convenience, a UV light can be utilised to identify the product on the surface after it's applied.

On the other hand, BioCorr® HP SC is provided in a concentrated form, requiring proper dilution and thorough mixing before application. Unlike the standard version, the SC version lacks UV marker technology.


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