Heat Sealer Machines from Valdamark – ‘built to last’

Heat Sealer Machines – Uses And Benefits If you are looking to seal your products for a transport and storage consider Valdamark heat sealer machines for ensuring the best possible seal quality. These machines can seal objects like thermoplastics, packaging and industrial products. These machines work on the principle of using pressure and heat to […]

Industrial Packaging Bags

Industrial Packaging in the making

Many of Valdamark’s clients operate in industrial markets where industrial packaging specifications dictates what products are required. This can be either as per the end users specification or to an international standard where regulation may apply to the condition certain goods are stored and transported in.

barrier foil bags

Barrier Foil Bags by Valdamark. Product Packaging for pro’s

The Barrier foil bags range from Valdamark has speedily adapted to the demands of clients in recent years. Traditionally these niche packaging bags have only been available cut to order at a bespoke price. Now Valdamark Direct can offer standard Barrier foil Bags in many sizes and specifications to suit projects of any size, large […]

HAWO heat sealers

HAWO Heat Sealers– Valdamark units seal all

HAWO heat sealers As a factory distributor of HAWO heat sealers we have acquired a wealth of experience in matching the correct unit to each sealing projects. Most clients are looking for a flexible packaging sealer or some sort. Those in the market may have a specification that they need to meet and require a […]