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Category: Industry Blog
Shockwatch – The preferred solution for shock and vibration damage
Industrial Packaging in the making
Foil Bags for Corrosion Protection, our laminates keep performing.
Tip N Tell – An innovative way to ensure your products stay horizontal
Foil Bags by Valdamark. Product Packaging for pro’s
The best remedy for a Transportation headache? Use Silica Gel & Desiccant
Heat Sealers – Valdamark units seal all
Conquering the specialist packaging supply chain
Anti Static Bags – To Zip lock or not to Zip Lock


Shockwatch ® bundle package (inc shipping labels)
TopDry ® Desiccant Sachets with Tyvek® casing (various)
MiniPax® Silica Gel with Tyvek® casing technology (various)
Audion® Barrier Hand Heat Sealer Machine (150 C)
HAWO HPL WSZ Teflon® Coated Hand Heat Sealer (250 C)
Audion® Cello Hand Heat Sealer Machine (150 C)
Audion® Poly Twin with Sealing Tongs (150 C)
HAWO HPL ISZ Teflon® Coated Heat Sealer
Drop N Tell Damage Indicator box sets (inc shipping labels)
Tiltwatch Indicators box sets (inc shipping labels)
Tip N Tell box sets (inc shipping labels)
Shockwatch Impact Labels – buy per unit (inc shipping labels)
VCI Zip Lock Bags (various sizes)
VCI Bags (various sizes)
Polythene Sheeting Rolls (various sizes/colours)
Barrier Foil Bags with 7mm seals (various sizes)
TopShield® Anti Static Bags (various sizes)
Zip Lock Anti Static Bags – TopShield® (various sizes)
ESD shield® Pink Anti Static Bags (inc warning labels)
Furry Polyester Non – Woven Aluminium Barrier Foil
High Density Commercial Grade Barrier Foil
High Strength Aluminium Barrier Foil + Valcross®