Side Gusset Bags

VCI BagsSide gusset bags to your size and specification. Either from one of our aluminum barrier laminate foils or a PET + PE barrier film.

At Valdamark we have an appreciation for the important role of packaging in the modern supply chain.

Important products need a suitable packaging solution. We are more than happy to assist in the development of a new design.

Side Gusset Bags are constructed from two flat webs. A fold is created on both left and right sides which eventually forms the gusset feature of the bag. It dissapears into the bag making this design excellent for form filling applications.

The folds make this design flexible and easy to store, whilst still retaining a large volume for filling.

Uses for Side Gusset Bags

Bag in Box applications.

Retail packaging


Tear Notches


Zip lock

Euro Slot



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