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Audion Super Cello 300 & 420 | SC & SCT | Hand Sealing Tongs 300mm

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These Audion Super Cello heat sealing tongs are great for sealing foil bags and other multi – layered laminate materials.

An easy to use, premium product they can be supplied in either 300mm or 420mm jaw widths both featuring 10mm width seals.

Choose the SCT models for a PTFE coating. Perfect for preventing materials sticking to the jaws.

International ShippingAudion

Units supplied as standard with a 240 V UK plug connection. United states 110V and European 220V plugs can be fitted at no extra cost. If you require a specific plug please state this in the additional details section of the order at the checkout. 

Includes 1 year Audion factory warranty. 

Model pictured is a Super Cello 300mm SC Jaw.



The Audion heat sealing tongs can be used for a wide variety of sealing applications and projects. This heat sealer is a portable device making it ideal for use on site or where sealing needs to be done on location.

It comes available in a choice of jaw widths and a long 2.5mtr power cable, allowing the operator to manoeuvre around the seal package with ease.

Unlike an impulse sealer this machine is a constant sealer. Thicker laminate require constant heat delivery for optimal seals.

The premium build quality includes an insulated grip for added comfort ensuring that the handle remains cool even at the 250 degree maximum temperature.

Heat Sealing Tongs Usage

This machine is ideal for sealing both paper and multiple layer aluminium laminates.

When using the temperature can be easily adjusted to suit your sealing requirements between the ranges of 60 and 250 degree. This is great for working out the ideal temperature for your material.

Instructions for using the Audion Heat Sealing Tongs 300mm & 420mm

  • Make sure the voltage indicated on the machine is suitable for your mains supply.
  • Fix the plug into the mains socket.
  • The sealer is now on and a white light will be lit.
  • The sealing temperature required will differ depending on which material you will be sealing. We recommend trying a test seal. Set the temperature to the 130 degrees (260F). During the heating cycle the green light will be lit.
  • Place the foil between the sealing tongs and compress the jaws for 1-2 seconds. If the seal feels weak or incomplete, increase or decrease the sealing tongs temperature.
  • Thinner films may require a lower sealing temperature. Set the control dial to 130 degrees (260F).
  • Thicker films may need a higher temperature. Set to 200 degrees (390F).
  • Following a couple of test seals it should be easy to determine the appropriate temperature.

Important Information

Remove the plug when the heat sealing tongs are not in use.


If any maintenance is required unplug the machine and leave it to cool down.

Maintenance and repair should be done by appropriately trained or qualified people.

Delivery Time

2 – 3 working days UK

For more information please contact us or take a look at our what heat sealer guide. 

To see our full range of hand held heat sealer machines please click here. 


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Product Name
Super Cello
GBP 484.61
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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Model & Jaw Width

Super Cello 300mm SC, Super Cello 300mm SCT, Super Cello 420mm SC, Super Cello 420mm SCT

Plug Type

UK 3 Pin (Type G) 220 – 240 V, Euro 2 Pin (Type F) 220 – 240 V, US 3 Pin (Type B) 100 – 127 V