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Audion 520 MVMed | Vacuum Impulse Sealer

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The Audion 520 MvMed is a ‘best in class’ vacuum impulse sealer.

Available as the standard version with the vacuum and seal functions it is also available in MED specification for the medical and pharmaceutical markets.

Here validation is added allowing you code and record the sealing process.

In addition we offer several modification available online including floor stand, work table and bag support features.





If you require an invoice or a custom quote for any options not listed please contact us.

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The Audion 520 MVMed is a powerful, stainless steel vacuum sealer equipped with a vacuum nozzle and bi-active sealing bars.

This machine can be used for vacuum packaging and modified atmosphere packaging. It is available in two versions; a standard model and a model for validated sealing. This has long been an important requirement for the medical and pharmaceutical markets, however it is now becoming a necessity for markets where traceability and provenance are key drivers.

Both versions are available with a sealing length of 520 mm, 720 mm or 1020 mm. These machines come equipped with a foot pedal option as standard.

Advantages to using the Audion 520 MVMed

  • Design is compact and allows for easy fitting into smaller work spaces
  • Good price-quality ratio
  • Heavy duty design
  • Large sealing bar opening of 45 mm
  • It is possible to turn off 1 sealing bar
  • Easy to operate digital panel
  • The MV is suitable for the production of vacuum and MAP packaging (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)
  • Bi-active sealing bars are suitable for laminate and heavy gauge pouches
  • Machine can be equipped with a support system
  • On a support the machine can be used in horizontal and diagonal sealing position and the machine is adjustable in height
  • Pneumatic closure of the sealing bars (prevents overheating of the electromagnets)
  • Machine built to the latest standards

When to choose a MED model over a standard

See our MED model checklist below.

If you prefer to have a validatable machine

If you would like a stable seal process

When a client is using a thicker gauge film

When a client is using a difficult to seal film

When a client is using a gusset bag to achieve a good seal quality on 2 – 4 layers

If a higher temperature is needed

If a longer seal time is needed

If the requested production capacity is high. The temperature remains stable with the MED version whereas with the standard version the operator may go too fast and not allow enough time for the seal wire to cool. Teh temperature then needs to be adjusted.

The MED variant guarantees optimal performance.

Calibration of the Audion 520 MVMed

We can work with clients going forward to ensure calibration of their machine. This can include –

Calibration certificates from accredited laboratories.

Re calibration, maintenance and safety checks

Seal checks on rolls

On site working

QC procedures on site


Additional information

520 MV + Modifications

Standalone 520 MV, Standalone 520 MVMed, 520 MV + Floor Stand, 520 MVMed+ Floor Stand, 520 MV + Work Table, 520 MVMed + Work Table, 520 MV + Bag Support, 520MVMed + Bag Support