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Silica Gel

Silica gel is a porous, granular, and transparent from of silicon dioxide.

Essentially Silica provides the same function as Desiccant due to it’s water vapor retention ability.

In commercial and retail markets this can prevent the build up and growth of mold on products as well as other hazards that would lead to moisture damage like condensation.

Primarily we specialize in Minipax Sorbent Packets for moisture control

They provide market leading protection for moisture sensitive products when being transported or stored.

Metal based products, retail goods, nutraceuticals, diagnostics equipment and electronics are all perfect for use in conjunction with Minipax Silica Gel Sachets and Desiccant products. 
 However a product as versatile as this is constantly discovering new uses for itself.

They come delivered in a range of different sizes. From as little as 0.25grm for the smallest of spaces to 10grm for projects that require a larger absorption.

Contact us with custom requirements like capsules or desiccant poles.

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