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HAWO Master Distributor

Valdamark are the industrial master distributor for Hawo Heat Sealer machines in the UK.

We stock a range of Hawo machine models. Both hand held and table top as well as constant or impulse heat deliveries.

Depending on your sealing requirements we can recommend a suitable unit.

If you require a hand held heat sealer we can recommend either a HAWO WSZ or HAWO ISZ

The WSZ is perfect for mid to high volume sealing of barrier foil laminate materials, cellulose and thicker gauge films.

The ISZ is great for mid to high volume sealing of poly bags and thinner gauge laminate or single layer materials.

If you are looking for a impulse bar sealer we recommend the HPL 300 BMS. A premium table top heat sealer. Available as either a stand alone heat sealer with cutter and magnet features. Or with additional features like a roll holder and work table.

Great for sealing mid to high volume polythene and thin gauge films, with the added stability of table mounted design.

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