Daubert Cromwell

Valdamark supply a range of Daubert Cromwell premium VCI Corrosion Inhibitor products from stock.

Choose from a selection of VCI Paper Sheets, VCI Bags and VCI Film rolls.

In addition we offer a made to order service for most material formats.

Weather you require flat pouches or box bags we can usually convert to your requirements.

VCI Corrosion Inhibitors are perfect for protecting sensitive ferrous metals during transport and storage.

Effective against all the usual corrosion culprits like moisture and gas ingress.

VCI molecules create a kind of micro atmosphere that bind to your goods once sealed in the enclosed packaging space.

The formula is harmless to whoever is handling it and will evaporate once its time to remove the VCI with water spray or compressed air.

Unlike cheaper alternatives this VCI keeps working well into the long term. It also to regenerate itself by drawing on the remnants of the the formula contained within the packaging enclosure.


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