Bulk Bags

Valdamark have extensive capabilities to produce bulk bags for projects that require the moisture barrier benefits of our foil laminates.

Typical FIBC bags provide little protection for the goods inside. The Valstong™ laminates are a family of innovate, high strength and high barrier range of industrial packaging foils.

Market leading in their construction these ‘best in class’ barrier films demonstrate performance characteristics that is at least 30% lighter, stronger and efficient than competitor or legacy products.

In addition these products have some impressive green credentials due to advanced manufacturing process and production. This comes at the same or less overall cost to the client.

Each product is changing the value equation in the industrial packaging sector.

Bulk Bags

Valstrong Foil Bulk Bags

In addition to standard offerings we make bulk bags and foil packaging to order. Our bespoke service means we can cater to your exact project requirements regardless of quantity.

This approach means that no two clients are the same.

Coming a wide variety of industries, typical applications include

   Industrial Packaging

   Medical Device Packaging

    Long Term Storage Packaging

    Electronics Packaging

   Animal Health and Nutrition

   Sea Shipping

  Export Packaging

  Bulk Packaging for Liquids

  Bulk Packaging for Hazardous Materials

  Bulk packaging for Food & Dried Products

  Packaging for Pharmaceuticals

  Bulk packaging for Beauty Products & Cosmetics

  Dry Bulk Container Liners

  Octabin Liners

 Box Liners