Supreme Petfoods Discloses its Innovative Food Packaging Wrapper

Last year, Supreme Petfoods, a pet food packaging manufacturer, found itself in trouble when presentation of its products took a beating. The film, from which the bags were manufactured, was getting stuck to the shrink film of the bags. As a result, when heat passed through these films, the staff members invariably pulled off part […]

Australian Packaging Industry Fails to Meet its Recycling Goals

The Australian packaging industry has decided to cut down its recycling targets. This move was triggered by a recent internal review that showed the import of plastics to be far higher than expected. This caused waste reuse to fall shorter of predetermined targets. It’s interesting to note that the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC), along with […]

robotic packaging

Bosch’s Revamped Delta Robotic Packaging Brings Hope For Food Producers

Bosch Packaging Technology is a premier supplier of robotic technology for secondary and primary packaging solutions. Recently, it has redesigned its Delta robotic packaging portfolio completely to give food producers and packaging manufacturers enhanced performance and versatility. Bosch’s improved D3 robotic platform ensures quicker speeds to boost pick rates by handling higher payloads of up […]


LiquiGlide Launches Innovative Food Packaging

LiquiGlide Orkla ASA – a Norwegian company in Oslo, could be the first to use an innovative food packaging marketed by LiquiGlide Inc. of Cambridge. Using a slippery coating technology, this packaging material encourages viscous liquids to flow faster. This reduces waste caused by contents sticking to a container while saving consumers’ time. It’s interesting […]

Circular Approach to Packaging Materials Set to Catch On

Most business giants today, especially the ones in the e-commerce domain, have started rethinking the concept of packaging. However, a lot still needs to be done in the field of circular approach to packaging. Though packaging plays an important role in the protection of goods, it should not be at the cost of the environment. […]

I-Sub on-demand packaging system unveiled – First Look

By installing Mimaki’s new CFL605RT flatbed cutter in its store, i-Sub becomes the first Mimaki distributor. This installation will allow the system’s instantaneous displays together with i-Sub’s Digi-Foil. This digital foiling system incorporates the Mimaki UJF-6042 desktop printer. Planned as a versatile cutting and plotting system, the Mimaki CFL605RT will help packaging development, labels, signage, […]

Packaging Manufacturers

BOBST innovations in COMPETENCE 15 Draws Over 300 Packaging Manufacturers

Packaging manufacturers COMPETENCE 15 – held from June 23 to June 25, saw the global première of several new BOBST developments. This included a foil packaging Unwinder+, an innovative foiling solution that offers significant savings in foil use; EXPERTCODE, a new digital serialization machine to meet the growing needs of packaging makers worldwide for customization […]

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap’s Packaging Goes Unpoppable

Sealed Air Corp has been selling Bubble Wrap since 1960. Recently, it has announced to let the air out of its packaging. The company said that though it was loved both by adults as well as kids, its sales have declined drastically in the recent years. So, the company plans to introduce iBubble Wrap, a […]