Eco Friendly Packaging Explained

What Is Eco friendly Packaging And How Beneficial is it? More and more organizations are adopting environmental friendly packaging in their buying habits. In this regard, packaging has become a big issue for people who are concerned about the environment protection. It is not surprising to note that packaging contributes a lot to the non […]

Heat Seal Bags for packaging your products

At Valdamark Direct, we specialize in providing companies with market leading high quality heat seal bags to meet their storage and transportation needs. Most of these products have especially been designed for high value products which often require preservation for extended periods of time. Still they must be delivered to client in factory condition, defect […]

Flexible Packaging and increasing demands of end users.

Flexible Packaging And Increasing Demands of Customers There are many industries in which the specifications of industrial packaging determine the type of packaging material required. Both specifications and material may depend upon certain regulations about how a product should be packed and transported or the requirements of the end user. Valdamark has a range of […]

Tilt Labels By Shockwatch – Ensuring Safe Shipment Of Your Goods

There are many sensitive things which must remain upright during the shipment. Valdamark Direct are the authorized distributors of wide range of Shockwatch tilt labels. These indicators detect and record the tilting of the object when it crosses a certain limit and can be damaging for the product being shipped. There are two types of […]

Heat Sealer Machines from Valdamark – ‘built to last’

Heat Sealer Machines – Uses And Benefits If you are looking to seal your products for a transport and storage consider Valdamark heat sealer machines for ensuring the best possible seal quality. These machines can seal objects like thermoplastics, packaging and industrial products. These machines work on the principle of using pressure and heat to […]


Advanced Corrosion Treatments – Choose Corrosion X

Advanced Corrosion Treatments – Effective Tips To Fight Corrosion While the industry has made great strides in keeping your metal items corrosion free there is still the issue of long term corrosion prevention with products that truly extend product shelf life and keep them defect free. If you are determined to increase the life of […]