Temperature measurement

Temperature measurement explained plain & simple!

A Thermocouple Thermometer can most easily be referred to a as a temperature measuring device. More often than not you will see them as a meter reader unit with two temperature probes attached on flexible wires.

Esd Anti Static Bags,w/ Zip lock bag

Esd Anti Static Bags Valdamark supply Esd Anti Static Bags to a cross section of industries looking to protect their electronic goods from electro static discharge build up. These bags all perform to the long established ‘Faraday Cage’ principle. This is where a material that is able to conduct electricity like Aluminium or Polyethylene is […]

Thermosoudeuses pour emballages de films

Valdamark fournit des thermosoudeuses professionnelles adaptées à presques toutes les applications qui exigent des thermosoudeuses à main ainsi comme des emballages à hautes performances. Les thermosoudeuses par impulse de Valdamark sont leaders du marché et sont sélectionées par les critères de haute performance, la force de soudure excéllente et, bien sûr, les meilleurs prix de […]

Silica Gel Packets & Desiccant. Can’t decide where to buy?

Silica Gel Packets The detrimental effects of damage to export goods is well documented. The harsh reality is that it often results in vast amounts of lost revenue, often the accountability lies with those responsible for their transportation through the supply chain. Whether goods packing is done internally by your organisation or outsourced to a […]

Dessecante – embalagem de proteção

Dessecante Os produtos de dessecantes da Valdamark são destinados para combater os efeitos de danos causados aos bens por umidade durante o transporte ou armazenamento. O problema de excesso de umidade sobre os bens pode resultar em corrosão interna mesmo que se encontrem num ambiente hermeticamente fechado. Os pacotes de dessecantes TopDry® da Valdamark são […]