Moving House Checklist – All you need to do to get moving.

So what do you need to do to make sure your moving house experience goes to plan? Well ‘a plan’ is a good place to start so that is what this moving house checklist will help you to prepare for. First things first. Things to do before you move house…… • Remember to inform your […]

Shockwatch Impact Indicators – Safety First

Shockwatch Impact Indicators – Ensuring Safety Of Your Products ShockWatch Impact Indicators are part of a wide range of products developed by the company to keep your products safe and secure while packaged. Impact indicators are highly visible even from a long distance. Once the impact level crosses the predetermined limit, they will be activated […]

moistop foil

Moistop Foil in conservation – moisture damage is no more.

Valdamark Direct have a range of moistop foil products highly suited for use in conservation and preservation storage projects. These barrier foils or Moistop foil as they are known in the industry are a highly durable 4 ply layer construction made up of laminated aluminium, polyester and polyethylene.

Shockwatch Shipping Labels The Preferred Solution

Shockwatch Shipping Labels – The preferred solution for shock and vibration damage

Shockwatch Shipping Labels continually prove themselves as industry’s preferred product for deterring and preventing vibration and shock damage. For nearly 35 years this patented design and technology has been available as part of a range of market leading products that protect products from shock and tilt movements in transit. Ideal for nearly any transport method […]

Etiquetas Shockwatch – Un medida preventiva!

Shockwatch Etiquetas Shockwatch Las etiquetas de indicación de impactos Shockwatch de Valdamark ofrecen una solución rentable para el problema de la mercancía dañada durante el transporte. Con el comercio y los mercados globales operando cada vez más rápido que nunca, los negocios de todos los sectores dependen cada vez más de servicios de envío y […]