Tech-Long USA will invest $5 million in Duluth towards Expansion

Tech-Long – a Chinese company, which produces high-tech systems for the packaging and bottling industries, plans to make a big investment in its future in the Duluth region. This was announced by the company officials on Monday – the 24th of August. Tech-Long USA will invest $5 million in commercial finance towards expansion of its […]

Amcor Flexibles takes over Essel Propack’s packaging business

India Pvt. Ltd is set to acquire Essel Propack’s Packaging India Pvt. Ltd. While the former is a subsidiary of Amcor Flexibles – a multinational packaging company based in Australia (PIPL), the latter is Essel Propack’s 100% owned subsidiary business. The deal involved full cash consideration. The Vice Chairman of Essel Propack, Mr. Ashok Goel […]

3D Printing Set to Impact the Packaging Business

Experts are of the opinion that 3D printing will have a deeper impact on the entire packaging business. One of the main reasons for this is the products will start getting produced “just-in-time” and the run lengths of them will decrease considerably. There are several benefits associated with 3D printing that can be nurtured in […]