Heat Sealer

What Heat Sealer?

A heat sealer machine (or bag sealer) is a device used to seal various types of packaging and thermoplastic materials. There are different designs for different sealing requirements. When choosing a heat sealer, the first and most obvious question to ask is what are you trying to seal? Heat sealers are used to seal a […]

HAWO heat sealers

HAWO Heat Sealers– Valdamark units seal all

HAWO heat sealers As a factory distributor of HAWO heat sealers we have acquired a wealth of experience in matching the correct unit to each sealing projects. Most clients are looking for a flexible packaging sealer or some sort. Those in the market may have a specification that they need to meet and require a […]

Termoselladore – Productos líderes del mercado

Termoselladore Los termoselladore de Valdamark forman una amplia gama de aparatos portátiles listos para sellar una gran variedad de materiales laminados. Contando con nuestra gama de productos Audion® y Kopp® tenemos unidades que se ajustarán a todos los requisitos de volumen y proyecto. Incluso las selladoras de calor constante más básicas de Audion® son las […]