Export Packaging Materials – Packaging your goods for Export.

Export Packaging Materials The goal of export packaging is to ensure your valuable goods arrive at the end user, defect free and in factory condition. Mainly used a shipping method to get goods to clients overseas it is often referred to as transport packaging or freight packaging. Usually this method brings together different export packaging […]

Food Flexible Packaging Market set to grow in North America

According to a recent report released by Research and Markets, North America’s flexible food packaging market will experience a growth during 2014-2019 at a CAGR of 5.72%. As the demand for flexible packaging grows all over the world, this is surely good news for manufacturers of flexible packaging who have their eyes set on the […]

Indian Metal Packaging Industry Set to Suffer Due to BIS Order

In April, a quality control order on tin plates was issued by the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standard). The nation’s metal packaging industry will be affected adversely by this order. This is a big cause for concern as the industry’s approximate worth stands at Rs. 5,000 crore. The BIS order will be applicable to ‘Cold […]

New MRE Packaging Tested by Military Researchers

Military researchers are trying to find innovative packaging-solutions. They are thinking of such a technology that Meals Ready to Eat packages using it won’t even touch the food item. This technology will specifically help in keeping the food fresh for a longer period of time. The use of non-foil material in the new packages will […]

alufree BarrierFilm

Mondi’s Alufree BarrierFilm Set for Display at Fachpack

Customers buying packaged food like dried herbs or soups usually store them for sometime before use. To make this possible, the packaging of such items should have the right barrier functions. While protecting the packaged items is vital, the packaging’s environmental aspect too shouldn’t be ignored. At the upcoming Fachpack, Mondi Coatings is set to […]

Heat Seal Bags for packaging your products

At Valdamark Direct, we specialize in providing companies with market leading high quality heat seal bags to meet their storage and transportation needs. Most of these products have especially been designed for high value products which often require preservation for extended periods of time. Still they must be delivered to client in factory condition, defect […]

Heat Sealer Machines from Valdamark – ‘built to last’

Heat Sealer Machines – Uses And Benefits If you are looking to seal your products for a transport and storage consider Valdamark heat sealer machines for ensuring the best possible seal quality. These machines can seal objects like thermoplastics, packaging and industrial products. These machines work on the principle of using pressure and heat to […]

Foil Packaging

Foil Packaging for Corrosion Protection

Where our range of Foil Packaging bags is concerned Valdamark undertakes projects on a case by case basis. Most of the time we will quantify what the client is looking to achieve with their Packaging Solution.