Flexible Packaging Demand – European Market Witnesses Poland’s Rise to the Top

According to PCI Films Consulting, Poland showed a remarkable growth rate of 5% in flexible packaging demand during 2014. In contrast, it was a mere 1.4% for Europe as a whole. The European marketplace average was significantly outperformed by other national markets of Romania, the Slovak and Czech Republics, and Turkey. Overall, the European flexible […]

Global Flexible Packaging Market Set to Touch $ 99.1 Billion by 2019

According to a report by Transparency Market Research (TAM), the flexible packaging market worldwide is expected to reach $99.1 billion by 2019. The increasing demand from Asia Pacific and rest of the world is set to push the demand for this market from 18,666 kilo tonnes (KT) in 2012 to 24,728 KT by 2019.