Clariant’s Healthcare Packaging Facility in Belen Gets ISO 15378:2011 Certification

Clariant is a global leader in specialty chemicals. Recently, it announced that its healthcare packaging facility in Belen (New Mexico) has received ISO 15378:2011 certification. The Belen facility is Clariant’s second site to get this certification. The one in Romorantin, France was the first Clariant site to receive this certification. The site at Belen obtained […]

Industrial Packaging Bags

Industrial Packaging in the making

Many of Valdamark’s clients operate in industrial markets where industrial packaging specifications dictates what products are required. This can be either as per the end users specification or to an international standard where regulation may apply to the condition certain goods are stored and transported in.

Silica Gel Packets & Desiccant. Can’t decide where to buy?

Silica Gel Packets The detrimental effects of damage to export goods is well documented. The harsh reality is that it often results in vast amounts of lost revenue, often the accountability lies with those responsible for their transportation through the supply chain. Whether goods packing is done internally by your organisation or outsourced to a […]