Cortec’s EcoSol Opens up New Horizon in Packaging Application

EcoSol is biodegradable, water soluble, polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) film, ideally suited for diverse packaging applications. Water soluble pouches or sachets and PVOH bags are manufactured from this technologically advanced, unique film. EcoSol provides a safe, convenient and economical delivery system for a vast range of products. This includes degreasers, VCI Bags, Corrosion Inhibitors, cleaners, biocides, […]

Advanced Corrosion Treatments – Choose Corrosion X

Advanced Corrosion Treatments – Effective Tips To Fight Corrosion While the industry has made great strides in keeping your metal items corrosion free there is still the issue of long term corrosion prevention with products that truly extend product shelf life and keep them defect free. If you are determined to increase the life of […]