Silica Gel MiniPax® with Tyvek® casing technology (various)

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MiniPax® Silica Gel packets with Tyvek® casing technology (+viewing window on reverse packets) are a patented formula which out perform competitors products for nearly all moisture control applications.

They are designed to combat the effect of moisture damage to goods during transport or storage. This help by removing any excess moisture on goods which can result in internal corrosion even when they’re in a hermitically sealed environment.



Valdamark supply the market leading MiniPax® range of Silica Gel Sachets. Unlike cheaper alternatives these sachets continue to prove themselves as a ‘best in class’ product.

They remain reliable and durable. Perfect for protecting sensitive goods that are being transported or stored.

Supplied to you in standard sized breathable sachets they come in box quantities for your convenience. They feature a standard print and are hermetically sealed in heavy duty polythene bags.
This packaging has the added benefit of giving the product an indefinite shelf life until it is actually used.

The small sizes of this product mean it is suitable for most projects that utilize an enclosed space. However for those that require an even smaller delivery method, Silica Gel capsules may be the solution. Contact us for more information.

What is Silica Gel ?

Silica gel is a porous, granular, and transparent from of silicon dioxide. It is synthetically derived from sodium silicate. It is harder than the common gels found in homes and appears like a crystal. Silica gel is hygroscopic (tend to absorb humidity from air). Since it is a drying agent or desiccant, it is commonly found in the form of little packets inside various products like purses, shoe boxes, leather products, collectibles, silverware, musical instruments, jewellery, tools etc.

How does Silica Gel work?

Silcia Gel Sachets work with a wide variety of products.

Essentially Silica provides the same function as Desiccant due to it’s water vapor retention ability.

In commercial and retail markets this can prevent the build up and growth of mold on products as well as other hazards that would lead to moisture damage like condensation.

E.g. A bottle of vitamins or tablet supplements should contain a small sachet of Silica Gel as the contents is likely to be sensitive to excess moisture and humidity.

Similarly for industrial applications and electronics it prevents these moisture damages, which can result in a products becoming defect or arriving ‘not’ in factory condition.

Being a high capacity adsorbent, it is comprised of small inter-connecting pores, which attract and retain moisture through capillary condensation and adsorption. To put simply, it has a very high surface area (about 800m2/g). This allows the absorption of water, enabling it to be a desiccant. Silica is non-toxic, inert, non-inflammable, and hence an extremely safe material. It can be used to protect a variety of items such as medicines, foods and other sensitive materials. Despite trapping the moisture and retaining it, silica remains physically unchanged.

Silica Gel MiniPax® contain a highly porous material that is essential a Silicone Dioxide based sand. Each of the Silica Gel Sachets contain crystals which each have millions of tiny pores. Each capable of absorbing over 40% of it’s own weight in moisture. This is generally considered to be about a 35% better absorption rate than competitive products. This makes Silica Gel the preferred choice where absorption efficiency or the weight of the packets themselves are key drivers for a project.

One key advantage with Silica Gel is that no chemical reaction takes place when moisture is absorbed. This allows the product to be highly versatile as the process takes place internally within the membrane of the pores themselves. No byproducts and no waste or chemical residue. Even when completely saturated with moisture the Silica Gel will still retain the appearance of a ‘dry product’ to the naked eye. They stay completely the same shape.

Furthermore in a enclosed space the relative humidity levels can be taken down to about 40%, giving optimal humidity for goods being transported or stored.

What is Silica Gel used for?

Metal based products, retail goods, nutraceuticals, diagnostics equipment and electronics are all perfect for use in conjunction with our Silica Gel MiniPax ® with Tyvek® casing technology products. However a product as versatile as this is constantly discovering new uses for itself. The sachet is strong and robust enough to deal with rough handling throughout the supply chain.

Benefits of Silica Gel Sachets

  • Very high tear resistance
  • Intensive quality control
  • Subjected to rigorous testing
  • ‘Best in class performance and functionality.
  • Heat sealed seams
  • Can be provided in various other formats
  • Handling

For a well sealed item we recommend 6 grams for every cubic foot of volume or 180 grams per cubic metre of volume.

Technical Data

  • Tyvek® desiccant pouches, containing silica gel, dust proof,
    with viewing window on the back. Standard imprint.
  • Manufactured in the U.S.

Delivery Time

3 – 4 working days

For more information on Silica Gel Sachets and their different formats please read below.



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