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Audion 555 / D545 AH

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The clever design of this continuous heat sealer mean that pre made packaging can be sealed lying flat and at speed.

All the operating functions are controlled from an easy to use digital display.

You can adjust both out and up making it easy to adapt to larger items.



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This compact horizontal band sealer is a premium ‘best in class’ device.

Featuring a modern design and easy to operate features it continues to prove itself a great all round solution for mid to high volume sealing of various packaging materials.

It’s operation is controlled by a sophisticated digital control panel that also includes a automatic ‘cooling down’ function.

The belt is made from a durable PTFE that is built to last. It’s ‘soft but strong’ nature also means you can seal a wide variety of materials. Making the D555 a true all in one heat sealer.

The unit also has a handy adjustable height feature that allows the operator to adjust for sealing larger pieces.

If you are unsure if this sealer is suitable, we recommend you send a piece of sample material that we can run a test seal on.

We will then follow with a short video of the machine during operation and showing the quality of the seal on your packaging.

What materials can be used with the horizontal band sealer?

This machine is compatible with both thin and thick films or laminates including-






Barrier Foil Laminates

Audion Horizontal Band Sealer Technical Data

  • Seal width – 10mm
  • Conveyor belt size – 112w x 670l mm
  • Operation speed – Adjustable up to 10m/min
  • Power – 550 Watt
  • Voltage – 230 V
  • Dimension – 675 x 460 x 255mm
  • Weight of machine – +/- 30 KG
  • Direction of packaging – from left to right

Important Information

Remove the plug when not using the horizontal band sealer.

The maximum distance between the seal bar and the top of the bag is 50mm.


If any maintenance is required unplug the machine and leave it to cool down.

Maintenance and repair should be done by appropriately trained or qualified people.

Delivery Time 

3 -4 working days