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HAWO® HPL WSZ 300mm Constant Hawo Heat Sealer (250 C)

£435.50£878.20 Exc. VAT

The HAWO® HPL WSZ + Teflon™ is a compact Hand Held Heat Sealer. You can seal heat seal-compatible plastic film and materials such as coated aluminium foil, coated paper or coated cellulose film easily and professionally.

This Hawo Heat Sealer is a premium unit designed for mid to high volume usage. As a portable heat sealer this unit is generally considered to be a ‘best in class’ design that surpasses competitor machines in both build quality and performance.

These models can be ordered with a PTFe-coating to help prevent materials sticking to the unit.

Hawo heat sealerInternational Shipping

Order this unit as a stand alone or in a bundle with a spare parts kit. Save when purchased together. See photos for details of spare parts included. 

Units supplied as standard with a 3 pin UK 230 V plug connection. United states 3 pin 110V and European 2 pin 230V plug connections can be supplied at no extra cost. If you require a specific plug please state this in the additional details section of the order at the checkout. 

Includes 1 year HAWO factory warranty. 

Model pictured is a WSZ 300mm Jaw.



These HAWO heat sealer machines are premium devices for use on projects where seal quality needs to be ensured.

These expertly manufactured machines are built with the highest standards in mind, complete with ceramic sealer jaws to ensure a high temperature tolerance during repeat use.

They are designed with the user in mind using a lightweight and ergonomic design. The portable feature makes them ideal for use when packaging sealing items that may be awkward or difficult to maneuver around.

This Hawo Heat Sealer can be use in conjunction with the a table mount for ease of access and storage as well as having a robust design that performs brilliantly in the modern supply chain.

Using the Hawo Heat Sealer

These units are ideal for use on projects where foil bag sealing is paramount to ensure the condition of the product.

This sealer suits most thicknesses of foil packaging. Clients are diverse but mostly sectors that need optimal seal strength when shipping freight.

Medical packaging, industrial packaging and electronics packaging are the most popular uses but a product as adaptable as this is always finding new uses for itself.

Hawo Heat Sealers with Teflon® Coated tongs are suitable for coated film, coated paper and coated cellophane.

This includes –

Benefits of the Hawo Heat Sealer

The HPL WSZ models feature –

  Easy and mobile operation

  No heat-up time

  Ceramic sealing welds

  • Please note – this item is intended for use by appropriately trained professionals and trades people.

Technical Data for Hawo Heat Sealer Machine

  • HPL Hawo Heat Sealer WSZ 300 mm (11.8 in.) Seal seam length 300 mm (11.8 in.) seal seam width 12 mm (0.5 in.)
  • Sealing temperature 50 – 250 °C (122 – 482 °F). Time of pre-heating approx duration. 5 min.
  • Power supply Wing 500 impulsgeber / impulse device. Mains connection 230 V, 50/60 Hz.
  • Weight 1,5 kg (2.2 lb.)

Hawo Heat Sealer

Delivery Time

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Data sheet in .pdf format

For more information on Hawo heat sealer machines please contact us.

For more information please get in touch or take a look at our what heat sealer machine guide.

To view all our hand held heat sealer machines please click here. 

See our impulse heat sealer models.

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Product Name
HPL WSZ 300 Hand Held Heat Sealer
GBP 642.05
Available in Stock

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Model + Size

WSZ 300mm Jaw, WSZ 300mm Jaw + Teflon®, WSZ 400mm Jaw, WSZ 400mm Jaw + Teflon®, WSZ 300mm + Spare Parts Kit, WSZ 400mm + Spare Parts Kit, Spare Parts Kit for WSZ 300mm, Spare Parts Kit for WSZ 400mm

Plug Type

UK 3 Pin (Type G) 220 – 240 V, Euro 2 Pin (Type F) 220 – 240 V, US 3 Pin (Type B) 100 – 127 V

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