Desiccant Bags TopDry ® w/protective casing (various)

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Valdmarks TopDry ® Desiccant Sachets with Tyvek ® casing technology are designed to combat the effect of damage to goods during transport or storage, with the main problem of excess moisture on goods resulting in internal corrosion even when they’re in a hermitically sealed environment.

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Valdamark TopDry ® desiccant bags are a patented formula which out-perform competitors products for nearly all moisture control applications.

These desiccant bags are market leading and continue to prove themselves highly effective for moisture control in enclosed environments. They perform optimally when used in conjunction with our foil bags. This ‘hermetically sealed’ environment allows the desiccant to control the moisture levels.

When used in conjunction with this packaging  any excess water vapour is prevented from entering the enclosure. The desiccant protects the products from moisture damage throughout it’s lifespan.

They come delivered in a sewn desiccant sachet. Available in standard sizes from stock for your convenience.

Valdamark Direct can supply volumes to suit any project size. With a low minimum order policy our desiccant can be supplied in a few to several thousands units. For large orders or our bulk discounts are market leading.

Each advertised packaging unit comes sealed in a heavy duty polythene bag enclosure contained within each box quantity.


Metal based products, retail goods, nutraceuticals, diagnostics equipment and electronics. All are perfect for use in conjunction with our Silica Gel and Desiccant products. However a product as versatile as this is constantly discovering new uses for itself.

Benefits of Desiccant bags

  • Very high tear resistance
  • Intensive quality control
  • Subjected to rigorous testing
  • ‘Best in class performance and functionality.
  • Heat sealed seams
  • Can be provided in various other formats
  • Handling

For a well sealed item we recommend 6 grams for every cubic foot of volume. Or 180 grams per cubic meter of volume. In order to maintain humidity levels we recommended to use several smaller sized desiccant bags. Space these out in the enclosure rather than singular ‘large’ sized units.

Technical Data of TopDry ®

  • Model B, dust-proof, Tyvek shell material. Molecular desiccant fill.
  • Sachet Dimensions. 70mmL x 110mmW x 7mmH
  • Approved to (DIN 55473). Manufactured in the U.S.

Delivery Time

2 – 3 working days

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