Barrier Foil Bags

Barrier Foil Bags with 7mm seals (various sizes)

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Barrier Foil Bags with 7mm seals are sold in 200 unit blocks, with the material being an exclusive high performance industrial packaging film.

It has both high strength and high barrier properties. When compared to competitors laminates the VAL55HD demonstrates a build that is lighter but stronger.


Product Description

Product Description

These aluminium foil bags are laminated with Polyester and Polythene layers to produce a ‘barrier’ that is designed to protect your goods when being transported and stored.

This design gives optimal protection for goods that are vulnerable to moisture and corrosion damage as well other hazards that can be encountered in the supply chain like salt water, gas products and marine air.

Manufactured from our industrial packaging foils this product features a ‘best in class’ , ultra low water vapour transmission rate to ensure that once closed with a heat sealer this bag will continue to protect your valuable goods into the long term.

Clients for this product operate in a wide variety of markets which can involve products as diverse as powdered granules and consumables, to machinery manufacture and precision engineering parts.

Packaging materials of this kind are excellent for shipments that may have lengthy transport times and/or go into storage at the end of this. Always it’s essential that the product reaches the end user in factory condition.

These barrier foil bags are supplied in three standard sizes for your convenience with ‘easy open’ tear notches included. Custom sizes available to order.


Industrial Packaging, Sea shipping, Long term storage, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical Equipment and Electronics.

It’s perfect as product packaging for sensitive items meeting MIL-PRF-131-K Class 1 and MIL2073ID. Just let us know if you have any specific requirement at the order stage.

Benefits of Barrier Foil Bags

  • Very high tear resistance
  • Three side seal design
  • Ideal for products with sharp edges
  • Market leading performance
  • Lower packaging costs overall
  • Low carbon product
  • Inclusive of tear nicks for easy opening
  • Handling

Requires heat sealing with a compound foil sealer set to 180°c for 2 seconds.

Please note – this product is intended for use by appropriately trained professional. Use in conjunction with Silica Gel bags for optimal performance.

Technical Data

12 PET / 12 PE / 7 ALU / 20 PE / 60 HDPE

Delivery time for Barrier Foil Bags

3 – 4 Workings Days

For more information of barrier foil bags please visit our corporate site site.

Additional Information

Bag size

15 x 15 cm, 30 x 30 cm, 30 x 45cm