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Valdamark are suppliers of VCI Corrosion Inhibitor products in the UK.


Our market leading products are suitable for the most demanding products.

Perfect for protecting sensitive ferrous metals whether travelling through the supply chain or during storage.

The VCI Corrosion Inhibitor formula works through a method of polar bonding whereby once your goods are sealed in the enclosed space the molecules create a kind of ‘mini atmosphere’ that attach to the surface of your product.

This then protects the goods into the long term from the all the usual corrosion culprits. Including Air, Water, Dust, Acids and perspiration.

Our bulk discounts on VCI Paper Sheets are the best available making it almost 3 times better value per m/2 compared to competitor paper roll offerings.

For those that require a VCI film as well as rolls we also stock VCI Bags (requires a heat sealer) and VCI Zip Lock Bags for easy closure.

Unlike cheaper alternatives our VCI Corrosion Inhibitor formulas keep working into the long term to give your goods ‘best in class’ protection.

In addition to our standard offerings we offer a made to order service that can convert to your specification.

Get in touch for more details.

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