Foil Packaging

Valdamark supply foil packaging in the UK.

We specialise in Barrier Foil Packaging that protects moisture sensitive goods during transport and storage. When used in conjunction with our silica gel sachets our sophisticated laminates can protect export goods into the long term.

In addiction to this we also stock a wide range of anti static packaging for protecting sensitive electronics.

These materials are the premium TopShield® construction. This ‘best in class’ material utilises the Faraday cage method in order to prevent the build up of electrostatic charge.

Unlike competitor products this design works well into the long term and utilizes the barrier qualities of aluminium and polyethylene to provide complete protection.

Look at our Pink Anti Static Bags. Suitable for goods of all sizes from small circuit boards to industrial bulk.

Take a look at our large anti static bags for goods that require a bigger enclosure.

Valdamark offer a bespoke cutting service for all our foil, anti static and VCI packaging materials. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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