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Barrier Foil

Valdamark supply a range of moisture barrier foil packaging products in either standard or made to order formats.

Ideal for use when shipping moisture sensitive products our aluminium laminate foils are ‘best in class’ products for their performance and durability.

The VAL55 smallis our commercial grade and our most popular foil. Featuring 5 layers it displays impressive strength and tensile characteristics. Easy to close with a heat sealer it can be used as a single layer of moisture barrier protection. Or with silica gel sachets for optimal protection.

Perfect for use with granules, powders, sensitive precision metals and electrical parts.

Tested to and exceeding the requirements in DEF Stan 81-75/2, MIL-PRF-131J and German DIN standards.

Manufactured to EU, BIR and FDA guidelines.

Choose from either moisture barrier foil rolls or foil bags.

For projects which require a foil with an increased tear and puncture resistance, look to our VAL59HS aluminium foil .

Or for market leading strength and performance our Val70 construction in unbeatable in the supply chain for all moisture barrier applications.

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