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Barrier Film: Customers buying packaged food like dried herbs or soups usually store them for sometime before use. To make this possible, the packaging of such items should have the right barrier functions.

While protecting the packaged items is vital, the packaging’s environmental aspect too shouldn’t be ignored. At the upcoming Fachpack, Mondi Coatings is set to display its alufree Barrier Film. This intelligent solution will address customers’ dilemma of storing packaged foods safely.

Each packaged food needs specific barriers. The core business of Mondi Coating involves finding solutions for such specific demands. Sometime back, aluminium foils were used to achieve the best barrier for packaged foods. Though aluminium offers a good barrier function, the technicians of Mondi have recently found an intelligent alternative.

They developed the alufree Barrier Film, which apart from being eco-friendly, also offers other benefits. Since alufree Barrier Film doesn’t contain any metal, a metal detector can now be used along the supply chain without losing any of the necessary functions.

Recognition for Mondi’s Alufree Barrier Film

The BarrierFilm has already got the Silver Awards and the WoldStart Award. For being an innovative product in the field of sustainable packaging, it has also been conferred with PPI 2014. This BarrierFilm facilitates a long shelf life and offers outstanding protection for food products.

Additionally, it helps decrease the carbon footprint of the packaging as it is devoid of aluminium. A consumer using this product even reported that it has helped them decrease their carbon footprint to the extent of 25%.

Mondi Fibre Packaging’s CEO – Jussi Vanhanen said that winning these awards was a true testimony to the company’s excellence in development, pioneering spirit and persistence, all of which were necessary to deliver this packaging breakthrough.

In its Barrier Film, Mondi has introduced a special sealing polymer. It facilitates reduction of the sealing temperature and thus decreases energy consumption. This way, the company has enhanced its sustainable approach further.

Additionally, higher efficiency can be enjoyed on the filling lines, thanks to the lower sealing temperature. Unlike aluminium laminates, the BarrierFilm doesn’t have a memory effect and isn’t very sensitive to kink folds.

Therefore, the packaging remains safe and scatheless. This in turn helps in publicizing the product’s eye-catching visual appearance as well as the brand even more.

Mondi’s alufree Barrier Film can be used for a wide range of applications. This includes converted foil bags for dehydrated food items and products (e.g. instant coffee) that need an exemplary oxygen barrier.

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