Shockwatch Shipping Labels The Preferred Solution

Shockwatch Shipping Labels – The preferred solution for shock and vibration damage

Shockwatch Shipping Labels continually prove themselves as industry’s preferred product for deterring and preventing vibration and shock damage. For nearly 35 years this patented design and technology has been available as part of a range of market leading products that protect products from shock and tilt movements in transit. Ideal for nearly any transport method […]

Rust treatment

Rust treatment for professionals

Valdamark EVAPO RUST ® rust remover for metal is an eco-friendly product that works to remove surface rust from metal parts without the need for manual effort.

Industrial Packaging Bags

Industrial Packaging in the making

Many of Valdamark’s clients operate in industrial markets where industrial packaging specifications dictates what products are required. This can be either as per the end users specification or to an international standard where regulation may apply to the condition certain goods are stored and transported in.

Packaging Shrink Film + Pallet Wrap

Also known as pallet covers they can be supplied individually or on a reel. This product goes my several different names but you are most likely to have heard it described as either the above or lay flay tubing.

Foil Packaging

Foil Packaging for Corrosion Protection

Where our range of Foil Packaging bags is concerned Valdamark undertakes projects on a case by case basis. Most of the time we will quantify what the client is looking to achieve with their Packaging Solution.

Tip N Tell Labels in action

Tip N Tell Labels – An innovative way to ensure your products stay horizontal

Tip N Tell labels have established themselves as the shipping and logistics industries choice consumable for ensuring goods stay horizontal when they are handled through the supply chain. These bright red units are highly visible to the naked eye responding instantaneously to any change in stability which is outside the set 90 degree angle. Once […]

barrier foil bags

Barrier Foil Bags by Valdamark. Product Packaging for pro’s

The Barrier foil bags range from Valdamark has speedily adapted to the demands of clients in recent years. Traditionally these niche packaging bags have only been available cut to order at a bespoke price. Now Valdamark Direct can offer standard Barrier foil Bags in many sizes and specifications to suit projects of any size, large […]