We offer a safer and cost-effective way to package, promote & protect your business.

We use this ethos to provide an optimum product packaging service and ensure standards are always kept high. This is what our clients are continuously expecting during all parts of the ordering process, - and this is what we deliver upon...

  • We take the hassle out of consumables procurement.
  • We can tailor a product packaging solution for you, and cater for almost all projects and volumes.
  • We provide a safe and secure e-commerce platform for ordering at your convenience.
  • Product Packaging for all

    Founded in 1977 Valdamark started primarily as a specialist tapes and adhesives converter.

    Our reputation for client commitment grew through an appreciation of product quality and over time we expanded our time critical delivery service to cater for a large range of consumables from premium brands.

    Our bespoke sourcing and manufacturing service has since gathered much momentum allowing clients the ultimate flexibility.

    Market leading brands

    We provide you with market expertise that has been utilised to forge the best relationships and secure the best prices with our manufacturing partners across the globe.

    We offer not only the most competitive pricing and bulk-buying discounts available online, but also the premium quality that your projects deserve.

    These products are often ‘best in class’ varieties including anything from heat sealers and packaging to thermometers and corrosion inhibitors.

    In addition to our own ‘house’ products brands we distribute and partner with include Cooper Atkins, Hawo, Shockwatch, Daubert Cromwell and Corrosion X™.


    At Valdamark Direct we have a firm commitment to delivering market leading product packaging products whilst meeting our clients expectations in every way we can.

    Our philosophy is that no two clients are the same and clients can be assured by our ‘quality centric’ approach to products, which ensures standards are kept high.

    Distribution Partners


    Since 1974 Audion Electro have endeavoured to provide a complete range of the world’s finest packaging machinery and equipment.

    They have has worked extensively with partners to produce a range of innovative ‘client centric’ solutions, including both standard and bespoke models such as heat sealers, vacuum packaging and shrink wrapping, all suitable for use with Audion machinery and packaging materials.

    cooper atkins

    Every Cooper product demonstrates ‘best in class’ performance qualities often using sophisticated technology for which the Cooper Atkins brand has become synonymous with.

    Today’s range includes an extensive choice of temperature measurement devices that all come with the renowned ‘accurate for life’ guarantee saving clients time and money by avoiding costly off-site calibrations.


    Formerly known as the Corrosion Technologies Corporation this Dallas based company manufactures a world beating range of anti-corrosion products used in a huge variety of industrial and domestic applications.

    Incorporating the latest innovations including polar bonding technology and fluid thin film coating products like Corrosion X™, Rejex™, Reelex ™and Speedex™ continue to outperform the competition for all corrosion treatment and removal applications.


    Hawo® were established in 1975 and are considered a world leader in packaging machine systems and technology. Innovation and quality are at the core of the business with products conforming to the requirements of a number of international standards including EN ISO 11607-2, EN 868, DIN 58953.

    Hawo themselves are certified in accordance with IS0 9001:2008 with all machinery carrying the CE sign as standard.


    Founded in 1975 as the Shockwatch brand the company developed the world renowned Shockwatch Labels for monitoring the handling and transportation of sensitive computer equipment.

    Shockwatch™ shipping solutions allow you to take control of your goods in transit. Focusing on preventing mishandling throughout the transportation and storage processes Shockwatch products focus on maintaining a client’s reputation for quality and reliability.

    multisorb technologies

    Multisorb Technologies have been manufacturers and innovators in moisture control and sorbent technology for over 50 years.

    Initially focussing around the electronics market to protect sensitive electronics from moisture damage they have grown to provide superior packaging technology for protection against an array of environmental culprits including odour, gas and oxygen damage.

    daubert cromwell

    Daubert Cromwell have been trusted manufacturers of VCI and corrosion prevention products for over 75 years, including a market leading range of VCI Bags and rust protection films have earned it a reputation as the market leader in the corrosion protection field.

    Serving clients who are looking to protect metal parts from corrosion damage their products maintain high quality so that goods can be protected in all areas of the supply chain.